Tuber Melanosporum - Cultured Black Perigord Truffle

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The black French truffle, Tuber melanosporum, is a rare subterranean mushroom growing on roots of trees. Its main value is its potential flavor and aroma enhancement in the culinary area.

The majority of the black truffles in the US are imported from France and Spain. Because these truffles are seasonal, harvested between November and March, they are very expensive the price dependant on availability and fluctuates around $1,000 a pound.

Beyond their use in the culinary field black truffles are used in high end perfumes e.g. Black Orchid by Tom Ford. Thus, the organically grown truffles may be a good source for perfumes in general.

Drs. Shifrine and Dorian discovered the technology to grow T. melanosporum in culture (hydroponics) on a commercial scale. This truffle is grown organically by us at our California farm and is available year around. It has been authenticated by DNA analysis to be identical to the French black truffle. The cost of this truffle is appreciably lower than the French truffle from the ground.

The truffle is cultured in hydroponics on a commercial scale. After harvesting, the truffle is dried and ground to a fine powder. The powder can be added to a variety of foods such as soups, sauces and stews. The culture truffle powder should be used at a level of about 1% of volume or more depending on individual taste. The cultured truffle powder can also be used as any other dried mushroom by rehydrating it before use.

Recipes using the cultured truffle powder are posted on our website at A certificate of Analysis for this product is available on request. Please note that the truffle powder contains NO preservatives, is organically and Kosher certified, is available all year round and has a shelf life of three years.

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